Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30 day blogging challenge..though I'll be missing for a lot of it

Since I love reading this I decided to join this blog hop..Since I'm a few days behind I will catch up now!

1. Day 1:introduce, recent picture and 15 facts.

I'm Darlene, a 24 year old stay at home mamma to three year old Jasper. Here's a recent pic of Jasper and I.

15 facts: I'm the middle child of 5, have changed my college major 3 times, love to travel, shop, born in florida, have lived in florida-south carolina- virgin islands- sweden, bali, iowa, and now colorado, want at two or three more children, obsessed w/ all things twilight (not where i got the name Jasper) am getting married in just over a week to my boyfriend of nearly 6 years, i hate seafood, favorite colors black and yellow, is that 15 yet?

Day 2- story behind your blogs name

It's nothing too creative or original, and someday soon i'll probably have to change it as I AM getting older- but I'm a young(ish) mamma and these are our stories.

Day 3 Your First Love

I'd be lying if I said Drew was my first love. My first love was my first serious boyfriend- we began dating the beginning of my freshman year, his jr year. We were pretty much inseparable for my freshman and soph. year.  He was a great guy- and I think I thought we would be together forever. He went away to college before my jr. year and we decided to end things- but still saw eachother whenever he came back from college. I will always care about him, he was an amazing guy/boyfriend and I only want good things for him. Drew and I started off as friends in 5th grade and then began dating Senior year when of course I wasn't looking for anything we are 5 years later..


  1. What a great picture of you and your son! I enjoyed reading you answers. :)

  2. Oh yay! You are doing this too! I cant wait to read more of your answers!

  3. I want to do this! How/Where do you find the Day 1, Day 2... so on & so forth questions?? :)