Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Mamma, Maybe sleep you soon?"

These words come out of Jasper's mouth twice a day, every day. And it's ironic, because we didn't do the whole co sleeping thing. For the first 6 months of his life he slept in a bassinet next to our bed- and then had a smooth transition into his crib in his bedroom. 

When we were in Sweden we traveled a lot- one to two weekends of every month we were there (almost 7) we were in some other part of Sweden, or Norway visiting friends. We almost always shared a room w him when we were away so we Tried getting him to sleep with us- but he wouldn't go to sleep unless he was in his own bed- so the trick would be to get him to fall asleep first, then us tip toe in trying our hardest not to wake him.

And then he got sick. Not super sick- but he had a slight fever, and this child is Never sick so I was worried. And other kids in the area were getting fevers of 104-105 during the night, and there was NO way I was letting him sleep in his room without me monitoring his temp. Solution? Kick Drew out of the bed and have Jasper sleep with me. I got no sleep, but at least I knew he was safe. For 4 nights I made Drew sleep on our super uncomfortable couch just so I could make sure J wasn't sick. He only had a Slight fever the first day- nothing the other 4 days, but ya never know!

Ever since that week 5-6 months ago Jasper has been asking to sleep with me. Every nap time and every time I put him to bed for the night he asks "Mamma, maybe sleep you soon?" And every once in a while I cave. About once a month I kick Drew out of our bed, and let Jasper cuddle with his mamma all night long. I get no sleep those nights- because this kid is a Serious bed hog- but those 8-10 hours are so special, that I don't mind. Waking up to him kissing my cheek or stroking my hair (told ya he's a mammas boy!!) are so special, and I'm grateful for those nights, even if it means Drew wakes up with a sore back once in a while..


  1. CJ and I have slumber parties about once a month. We lay in my bed, watch movies on the laptop and eat snacks. Then it's cuddle sleepy time!

    I sleep terribly but he loves it!

  2. That is so precious! I love cuddle time with my son too! :)