Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 5-9

I'm kind of cheating because we are leaving today for IA for over a week and I will be missing from the blog world and I Really wanted to participate! 

Day 5- Siblings

I'm the middle child of 5- and I absolutely LOVED growing up in a large family, probably the main reason why I want several more children!

Johan is my oldest brother, he takes after our father in that he is SO hardworking. He is also a chef like my dad, and he is one of the few people I know that LOVE their job so much. Being a workaholic is def. is his blood! He is the shyest of all of us, was always super protective of his siblings, especially his sisters. He is now a husband and also a father to a soon to be two year old girl. I'm lucky to call him my brother.

Wayne is next in line- and is only 18 months older than me. He has also always been my protector- which I sometimes Hated when I wanted to date the cute boys in his grade and he scared most of them off. Wayne is also a chef- runs in the family!!- and lives in Minnesota with his fiance, who I'm so excited will some day be a part of our family- even though she already is. He is the happiest person I know- always has a Huge smile on his face.

Camilla- my only sister, is 23 months younger than I am. We were only a grade apart, and had a love hate relationship. I hated that she always wanted to tag along with me and my friends- and would always steal my clothes. Now we are closer than ever- and I'm super proud of her. She graduated in May and is well on her way to becoming an amazing social worker. She loves kids so much, and Jasper is lucky to have her as an aunt.

Mitchell is the baby, but sadly no longer a baby. He is 17 and a Sr. in high school. He can at times be such a punk- and I know all of us can be super hard on him because we forget we were the exact same way in high school. He is very mature for his age- and when he became an uncle to Jasper at 14 he was amazing. We were living w. my mom for 6 weeks after J was born and every day he would wake up and come running up the stairs to see where his 'baby j' was.

This isn't a good picture of Any of us as we didn't realize mom was going to make us take pictures- but it's recent ( labor day weekend, and its all of us!)  L to R Camilla, Mitchell, Johan, Wayne, me

Day 6 A picture of something that makes you happy

Nothing makes me happier than this little guy. This was Aug 4th, 2007- the day after he was born, and the first time we spent more than a few minutes alone. Drew had gone off to buy some formula and bottles-because we were told we needed to supplement, and we hadn't planned on doing that. So it was just Jasper and I at the hospital. We watched a Law and Order SVU marathon and cuddled. I couldn't believe he was all mine.

Day 7 Favorite movies
Pretty Woman
Wizard of Oz
Twilight-New Moon- Eclipse
I'm sure a million more..but those popped into my head w/o even thinking so those must be the favs!

Day 8 Places You've Traveled to
In the US (only counting ones I've spent some time in, not just driven through) Hawaii, North & South Carolina, Florida (the keys also) Iowa, Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Nebraska,probably more I'm not thinking of

Virgin Islands, Bali, Thailand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, England...think that's it?

Day 9 Picture of your friends
I've got several different 'groups' of friends- the ones I've been friends with since I was 4 in Sweden, the ones I've been friends w/ since elem. school when we moved to America- the ones I didn't become friends with till high school, college friends, and lastly- mommy friends.

This is a group of my 'mommy friends'- we all have three year olds!

These girls were my BFFs starting when we were 4-5. We all lived within a block of each other. This is last year in Sweden and they are all arriving on Tuesday for our wedding!

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  1. I bet when you all have family get togethers the food is amazing with 3 chefs there! Your so is too cute! Love all the pictures