Monday, October 4, 2010

Retail Therapy

So to distract myself and also get so me much needed alone time this weekend I took off for a 5 hr shopping spree on Saturday. Two of my friends later met me at the mall because they 1. knew I needed distraction and 2. knew just where to find me.

Shopping when you are sad is dangerous. At least for me. My though seems to be  "It's only money." Dangerous.

I ended up deciding on a complete whim to buy Jasper a ring bearer outfit instead of renting the tux as planned. But seriously- this was too cute to pass up, and I never spend $140 on one outfit for him and I figured this is the perfect time to do so. After having him try it on when we got home he wanted to go look in the mirror- and when he saw himself said " Oh I do Lookah nice" He's going to be the cutest ring bearer Ever.

Also went a little crazy at Victoria's Secret- spent waaay to much money in there, but I had a huge gift certificate from the 4 lovely ladies from last weekend, so I really didn't spend That much of my own money.

We hit up the make up Laura Mercier make up counter at Nordstroms and I got a wedding inspired make over. Jessica wanted to see her do it because she will be the one doing my make up for the wedding. This of course led me to buying out half the make up counter- but it was wedding related, so it was necessary! And maybe this will make me wear more make up on a regular basis?

And lastly- one of the friends that came w/ me works once a month at J.Crew- so for $40 I bought a $90 skirt and two pairs of tights that are normally $20 each! $40 for $130 worth of goods! Score.


  1. Love retail therapy! Wow you got some steals at J Crew!!

  2. You deserve this! GOOD for you girl :)

  3. Thanks to my friends amazing discount! And Thank you Lindsay. Sometime us moms Do need days like those!