Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top Ten Things I miss about Sweden

For those that don't know- I grew up in Sweden, moved to the states when I was 11- and last year Drew, Jasper and I spent almost 7 months studying abroad in Karlstad, Sweden

In no particular order..


Amazing pizza, bread, cheese and butter. Each of these individually deserve it's own post. Pictured is amazing Amigos Pizza- we went there at Least once a week, Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes, amazing chocolate- coconut- marshmellowy thing, its even better than it sounds- and our typical 'at home' lunch, thin bread, with cream cheese and cucumber, a cracker bread thing w cheese and delicious pasta salad. I have tried recreating that pasta salad- but without the swedish ingredients its just no where near the same..

2. Mariebergskogen

A park about 15 minutes walk from our downtown apartment. It was right on lake Vanern- biggest lake in Western Europe- it had a beach for the summer, ice skating, petting zoo, icecream/hot dog stand, miniature golf, sweet playground equipment, deep forests..seriously a dream park

3.The Shopping.
We lived right downtown Karlstad- so when I stepped out of my apartment building onto the cobblestone streets all I had to do was glance to my right and it was shopping paradise- Ginatricot, H&M, and Indiska were among my favorites. All of my current favorite items from my wardrobe were purchased in Sweden- my favorites? Some boots, sandals, dresses, skinny jeans, JEGGINGS- yes, before they became the in thing here I was rocking them. Sometime soon I will put together some outfit posts of outfits purchased in Sweden

To be continued...

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  1. Those food items look real yummy! Great post! I don't know if I'll miss Czech when we leave. My husband signed a 2 year contract so we are back next year. We will see!! :)