Friday, October 1, 2010

5 lbs in 3 weeks?

So holy crap today is October. Which is also THE MONTH WE ARE GETTING MARRIED. I seriously can't believe it. I'm freaking out a little bit just typing it. We got in engaged last may in Sweden--I don't get tired of saying we got engaged in SWEDEN- but didn't set a date till I think April? And summer flew by way to freakin fast- and all of a sudden I'm getting married in THREE WEEKS. Plus a day. But that doesn't sound as cool.

Anyway ever since I got my wedding dress back in May I've been casually saying/thinking yeah I should loose those last 5-10 lbs baby weight before we get married. I've done pilates a few times. I have even lifted my 5 lb weights a few times. But now in 15 days I'm leaving for Iowa (where we are getting married) and I literally haven't lost a single lb. Of course I let the lady at the bridal shop talk me into getting the size 4 instead of the 6, by saying comments like "But ofcourse you will work out/diet before your wedding and the 4 does fit, just a little snugly" RIght. Ofcours I'll diet before the wedding. Who doesnt? Uhmm ME that's who. I did a 3 week diet ONCE back in Jan. and I cheated through out the whole three weeks. All of a sudden I'm getting a liiiitle bit worried I won't be able to breathe in my super snug freakin size 4(which in wedding dresses is really like a 2) wedding dress. HELP!

So here's the plan. EVERY DAY for the next FOURTEEN DAYS I need to do some sort of exercise. And yes- pushing a double stroller carying 55 +lbs of boys up a hill toootally counts. Also? I'm going to try to count calories- which I haven't ever succeeded at and not eat more than 1700 calories in a day. That one is going to be tough. I am pretty much a eat whatever the heck I want, however much I want kinda gal. Always have been and its always worked fine until after Jasper.

So there ladies- I need to you guys to help keep me accountable kay??

I started out good yesterday with 1600 calories for the day. Today? Not doing so hot. Started out the morning with a venti frap, blueberry muffin AND croisant. But I'm still going to try to make it to 1700 or under! Wish me luck!!

Though I said 5 lbs- I would be be happy w losing 3 lbs- to bring it to 127.


  1. Well I can say why not try a juice fast for 4 days. That should definetly help. If you are that desperate to lose weight then I definetly would do it.

  2. I tried the raw diet- only fruits and veggies- and I pasted till about 8 PM and felt sick to my stomach. I'm not super desperate or I would try that again but I was miserable all day so that wasn't worth it for me. My fiance lost 5 lbs in ONE day doing that though!! Men.

  3. do you have an iphone? Lose it is an app I use that is really helpful. Also? LIGHT fraps. lol. It's literally half the calories. I'd love to help but I couldn't zip a size 4 ANYTHING...AROUND MY THIGH! lol. As in the last time I weighed 127 I was in 7th grade.

  4. Hang in there girl. It's never easy!

  5. Thanks ladies- and no I don't have one! Stupid verizon..

  6. 30 Day Shred. It's a miracle. It's by Jillian Michaels. 20 minutes for each phase. I used to do it once in the morning and once before dinner. I love that DVD.