Thursday, October 28, 2010

My three best friends from my early childhood flew to Iowa from Sweden for our wedding. When I think about how lucky I am to have friends like them I get all choked up- the four of us together just click. I think it's rare for four so very different adults (especially women) to fit together so perfectly. We were best friends and next door neighbors from when we were 4/5 until I moved away 7 years later. To feel so connected after a 11 yr separation to me is truly amazing.

Last year during all of our get togethers in Sweden it felt like we were long lost sisters. We are all so totally different- but we seriously could not get along better. Over this past week we laughed and cried, and laughed till we cried so much together and I can't imagine my wedding week without them in it.

Our week consisted of an entire day at the mall- countless target and walmart runs (these girls can't get Enough of those stores!) late night game nights ( try playing catch phrase with three Swedes- priceless) many bottles of wine, an entire night of chocolate ball making, staying up till 4 AM talking and having to be up and ready by 8 the next morning, and one of my favorite moments this week- a surprise horse back trail ride. Which by the way one of them had to drive to- which was funny in itself and getting semi lost in the middle of the corn field in Iowa.

Im not sure these three girls realize just how much they mean to me, but Sofie, Kerstin and Jessica- you girls are the Best, and even though we are thousands of miles away from each other I have No doubt we will be friends for life. We already have our reunion in Sweden planned for next year.

Signing the horse waiver- with the rediculous flower and gloves they made me wear...All day

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  1. I got teary reading this. You are very lucky to have such amazing friends! I'm sure they are equally lucky to have you.:)