Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jasper and friends

Friday was Jaspers buddy Mariah's birthday party- and it was Halloween themed. Turned out SOO cute.

Jasper slept in and I ended up having to wake him up at 8:30 so we could get going- so I didn't have time to get his pirates costume ready- so we pulled out his spider costume from last year. He kept going around singing "imse vimse spindel" -its bitsy spider in Swedish. It was pretty stinking cute- even if no one else understood him!

Me and my little spindel. Now I need to get his pirates costume ready that he demanded,   asked so sweetly for. What are your little munchkins going to be fore Halloween? I have only dressed up for Halloween ONCE in my life (and that was the weekend we're 90% positive Jasper was conceived) so I'm pretty sure I'm not dressing up. Just not really my thang- but I love dressing J up!!

***The reason I never dressed up as a child isn't because of poor parenting or anything like that- but because I grew up in Sweden were most people don't even know what Halloween is, and those that do  only know from watching American movies. By the time I had a Halloween in the states I was in 6th grade and Waaaay to cool to dress up. So wasn't until college when and I rocked the 'slutty costume' like all others did I really get into Halloween. ***


  1. How cute! You grew up in Sweeden? That is awsome!

  2. Everyone looks so cute in their costumes!

    I'm a new follower. I found you through Think of Me Thursday Blog Hop.

  3. Cute pics! About your comment on my blog: I contacted the companies about the opportunity, and just bascially kept in contact with them until they made a decision. Some companies contact bloggers that are well known, but I think most of the time you have to do the contacting.

    Hope this helps.