Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How do you know your 3 year old watches too much Harry Potter?

He is going around calling everyone a 'Dirty Mudblood'..True story.

Drew and I love Harry Potter- and before our 11 hr trip to Iowa over labor day I decided to bust out some of the older HP's to see if maybe it would hold Jaspers interest in the car. Turns out he fell in love. I shouldn't be surprised- we don't have cable, and I don't let him watch TV really except for 20 min. here and there- and some of our Swedish Pippi DVD's but that's purely educational :)

Plus Jasper has a crazy Harry Potter connection with his birth. When I went in overdue to be induced the docs gave me some strong sleeping pills- saying I would sleep through the night, wake up and pop out a baby. Sounded too good to be true- and it was.

I had just finished reading the last HP book at the hospital that night. I feel asleep at like 7 i think after the meds kicked in- and woke up 20 min. later to Harry Potter, Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape standing over my bed w/ their wands. Creeeepy. I started yelling at Drew to get them out, it took him and two nurses 20 min. to convince me they weren't in the room. And then I started puking and was throwing up in between every contraction. Lovely huh?

So anyway I guess it's fitting that Jasper loves Hawee Pottah (seriously says it in a britishy accent) Won (Ron) and Miss Mighty--thats what he calls Hermione. No idea where he gets it- but I die its so stinking adorable.

So our Sat. night consisted of ordering an extra large pizza and breadsticks (told ya I was depressed!) bringing in every pillow and blanket we own, and cuddling on Jaspers floor and watching Hawee Pottah.


  1. My kids are almost 10 and 7 and we have never watched Harry Potter!

    I'm now following you! I found you through the 'To The Top' Blog Hop!

    Cheers from Being Frugal & Making It Work

  2. Aw sounds like a cute night! I need to catch up on the Harry Potter's! I saw the first 2 movies but now need to see the others- and quite a few people now have told me I should read the books!