Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yep I just sit home and watch soap operas all day...or something like that.

I'm a SAHM. Or stay at home mamma for those unaware of those abbreviations. I also work. I nanny FULL TIME for a one year old boy who comes to my home 8:30-5:30 five days a week. Those friends who don't have children, or do and don't stay at home with them often wonder what I do all day.

So here it is. An example.
7:40, wake up, spend about 45 seconds getting ready.
8:00ish Jasper wakes up. I feed him breakfast- that I usually make from scratch- pancakes, or eggs, or just yoghurt and fruit
8:30 Riley Comes- we play until his morning nap.
9-10 riley naps- jasper and i do 'preschool stuff' such as work on writing our letters, numbers, or just build trains or something that J doesn't like to do when riley is around because he 'messes is up'
10-12:30/1 ish- go somewhere. Every day.
1ish- feed the kiddos lunch
1:30-3:30 MY TIME. I suppose this is when I could watch soap operas- which i have No interest in doing. This is when i check my email- blog, read blogs, maybe spend a few min. reading a book- those two hours are MINE. In that 2 hrs I also need to eat, clean up lunch messes, clean up toys, start laundry, fold laundry, let the dog out, maybe do a little pilates.
3:30- play time at home or park till 5:30 when Riley goes home.
Then I start dinner- finish laundry, walk dog, get mail, go get groceries if needed, get jasper ready for bed, read about a gazillion books and then 7:30 bed time for Jasper. Sometimes Drew gets home somewhere in there- but if he does get home before jaspers bed time he gets home at 6:30 or 7.

So nope- nowhere in my day did i sit and watch a soap opera. (once in a while I will do pilates while catching up on teen mom or pretty little liars- the only shows I have watched w/ any sort of consistency during the summer)

Oh and where do I go during our morning? Monday we went to the pool, today we went to story time at pottery barn kids and then to lunch at the food court followed by playtime on the dinos, tomorrow we are going to the botanical gardens, thursday we have a playdate for kids Ri's age followed by Jaspers gymnastics class, and friday we will go to the pool again. Next week we have the zoo and a berry patch on the schedule- plus the regular gymnastics, pool and story time.

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