Friday, August 6, 2010


Jasper and I have been back for a few days now from our 10 day trip to Iowa. It was so great to see a lot of friends, my mom, brothers and sister and niece. It was a busy, but amazing ten days. Some highlights

*Seeing an old friend from UNI for dinner
*Going out with one of my bridesmaid and another friend in Des Moines because they were going to be gone for my bachelorette party
*TWO bridal showers! We have so many amazing people who support us and recieved so many great gifts
*Spending time with a friend who is leaving for a year to teach English in Belgium! (Beyond jealous by the way)
*Playdate with another bridesmaid and her soon to be 4 yr old daughter
* IOWA SWEET CORN. It does Not get any better than that. I can't even tough corn out here in CO because it doesn't Begin to compare to what I grew up on.
*Bachelorette Party. Way to many shots. Way to much alcohol, but a whole lot of fun.
*Dress fitting! Minus needing it hemmed 3/4 of an inch everything else fits perfect. But seriously- $100 just to get the dress hemmed?
*Jaspers PIPPI party- Pippi came and delivered a cake for him, it was too cute.
*Seeing my 'city boy' running around naked out in the country at my moms house. Priceless.
*Enjoying simple time watching my mom and son interact. He LOVES his Dammy (grammy) and its so hard living 10.5 hrs away from all family.
*And the fact that I get bragging rights for surviving 21 hrs in the car with a 2 year old BY MYSELF without major problems.. a portable DVD Might have had something to do with it.

All in all an amazing trip. And now I have been busy unpacking, washing a TON of clothes, writing a billion thank you notes, and preparing for a Possible move! We Might be moving to Denver Sept. 1st. Going to look at a house to rent tonight. Update later!

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