Monday, August 23, 2010

My amazing day off.

So remember how I said I had Saturday off? As in no toddler and no fiance? Well. It was Glorious. I forgot what it's like to grab a coffee and just sit there and drink it. Slowly. And to try on clothes without an impatient three year old asking when he can go play with the dinasours. It was seriously amazing and Just what I needed.

Sat. morning started out with Jasper letting us sleep in till 8:30- a slow breakfast and I was even able to get ready ALL BY MYSELF!

My friend Jess picked me up at 9:45 and we went and grabbed coffee then headed to the mall which is like 1/2 of a mile from us. First on the list- got the bedding we wanted from Macy's at over half off!! I feel so grown up now with pillow shams and everything!

After that I was on the hunt for some amazing boots. I finally found a pair I loved that were $170.Ouch. But still, others that I found and loved were in the 300-400 price range so, really 170 was a steal. Plus I had like 100 in birthday money so really they would only be 70- AND I would wear them a Lot. My black boots from the past two years are starting to look way worn since I wear them All the time in the fall and winter. We walked around some more while I was trying to decide on the boots- ended up finding some blackish/greyish skinny jeans at Gap, a tank from there and a black lacy long sleeved from Forever 21. I was going back to get the boots when we decided to stop in Charlotte Rousse. And HOLY COW they were having a huge boot sale! ALL BOOTS WERE $25!! I figured w/ a deal like that I prob. wouldnt like any of them- but for $25 I'd at least look. And I found two pairs! That I seriously LOVED. One pair I seriously love. Like as much as the almost 200 pair, and the other pair I just like a lot. But for $25 I dont HAVE to love them! And they are flat so I can wear them even if I will be walking a lot pushing a double stroller w/ 55 lbs worth of boys in it. SCORE!!

After shopping we had lunch at Jasons Deli- So delish. And then finally went to work on wedding stuff. We spent 3 freaking hours at her work place (she's a designer for a snowboarding company) trying to get the printer to print the wedding invitations- No luck. She is having someone there work on it today. So that's about all the wedding stuff I gone done..oops.

I came home around 5 to spend some time with jasper and drew- then when jasper went to bed at 7 (instead of 7:30- he was exhausted) I went back to Jessicas. We did pilates- a target run and she worked on my make up- trying to figure out wedding styles. And that was my Saturday!

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