Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Wed. and Thursday

Wednesday we left the house early-8:30!- and headed down to the Denver Botanical Gardens. Once a month they have a free day so we decided to take advantage. I've wanted to go this summer but it's been so stinking hot that walking around in the sun looking at flowers hasn't sounded like a great idea when we have four pools within walking distance to visit instead.

A friend and her three year old son joined us and we had a great time. They had a great area for the kids to wade(or get their entire bodies wet like Jasper) and a sand for digging for bones. We brought lunch and ate there and they we were going to stop by Drew's work since its like 10 min away- but since Jasper got soaked and ofcourse I didn't think to bring clothes he was wearing his undies so that was a no go.

Yesterday a moms group I'm in got Gap to open at 8 am for MOD moms only sale! They had breakfast/coffee which is a Fabulous idea because who doesn't want to eat donuts and drink coffee while shopping? We got a lot of great stuff- but as I was looking at it afterwards I realized EVERYTHING I bought- for Jasper and myself- was black or grey..whoops! Best of all, I got Jasper some grey skinny jeans so now we can match!!


  1. I am seriously jealous that you live in Colorado, grrr. Ha, ha! So beautiful. I LOVE that you chose Cheese, ha! I am obsessed with cheese, and I think it is seriously making me puffy. So, I am taking up jogging again, so I don't have to give it up!

  2. And obviously, shopping, of course!