Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top Two Tuesday: Biggest Indulgences

Just two huh? This will be difficult..

I'd have to say Number 1 would be CHEESE. I'm serious. I could live off of cheese and bread. But unfortunately I'm a sucker for the expensive cheese. The $15 for of a pound kind of cheese. It's probably a good thing the awesome gourmet cheese store is 30 min. away. Brie, Edam, Gouda, Havarti, I love it ALL. I really became a major cheese snob while living in Sweden because the cheese at the grocery stores look up a HUGE isle- and every week we would try different cheeses. After coming back to the states I couldn't touch the gross, plasticy(yes i made that work up) american cheese, but now I can at least have it on a grilled cheese but not on a sandwich and DEFINITELY not on a cracker or baguette.

Number 2- and I feel lame for saying this and its so obvious but SHOPPING. It is seriously damaging to our finances to live NEXT DOOR to the best mall in the area. Biggest forever 21 in CO? Check. Hanna Andersson? Check. Gap/Baby Gap? Check. Sephora? Macys? Nordstroms? Check Check Check. Those are the stores that get most of my money. And I'm not really proud of it. And have you SEEN Baby Gaps American in Paris line? It's to die for. We will be there bright an early 8AM for a mods mom early sale that I'm lucky (or unlucky, depending on who you ask) enough to be a part of. Bye bye Paycheck- you will be going to GAP.


  1. oh man i love your indulgences mmm cheese great now im having a craving for cheese unfortunately its 840pm and im in for the night so i will have to wait till 2moro! :( lol