Saturday, August 14, 2010

Feeling the BURN today

My. Arms. Are. Sore. Like Really sore. I did more arm exercises than normal yesterday because I was distracted watching The Hills last night on netflix. Definitely a little embarassed that I spent like 4 hrs on that show instead of doing everything else that I should have been doing, but oh well. Life.

New plan to keep Jaspers AND my Swedish up- whenever we go on walks, which we do pretty much every day, Only speak Swedish to him the whole time during our walks. We did that for like 40 min. today on the walk and it was fun! It was good to force myself to speak, and it's good for Jasper to keep hearing it. He mostly responded in English- but still, he understood it all I think! Can't wait for September so he can begin his Swedish class every other Sunday again! Time to go grill hot dogs and make green been casserole- YUM.

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