Monday, August 23, 2010

Closet organization and some great new products

Since I had a ton of fun Saturday I decided I needed to clean/organize on Sunday. Drew and Jasper headed to the pool- because let's face it- nothing get's done with them around- and got started! My closet was project number one. My closet was so bad I decided to take before and after pictures. Anytime I go shopping I actually Like cleaning my closet. Of course dancing to Britney Spears blasting on my computer didn't hurt either.

Is that a picture of RP in my closet AND a calendar? Yes, Yes it is. The closet is the only place in our home that is mine ALL MINE, and I like having a little eye candy in there to look at. Random fact: Every time Jasper goes in my closet he points at the picture and says PAPPA! Jasper that is not your father. If it was there would probably be 5 little Jaspers running around because seriously who could keep their hands off of That.

Saturday when I ran to Target w/ Jess I decided to grab a few new products to try out. Since I live in CO and it's so damn dry here I'm always looking for new moisturizers.

Products I got:
Organic Face Smoothing Polish by Botanics. I have treated my skin like absolute crap this summer. We have spent 4-5 + days a week at the pool this summer, and while I'm a nazi about putting sunscreen on Jasper, myself? Not so much. Add in the fact that we live in the Mile High City, the cholorine in the pool and the fact that CO is so dry and my skin hates me. I'm hoping this gentle exfoliant will help with that. Also helping it will even out my skin tone. I used it once and so far really like it- it doesn't dry my skin out like other exfoliants have in the past.
Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel: First reactions? I used it after the exfoliant- and the combination of the two feels awesome so far. I usually put on moisturizer 2-4 times a day, but I used this last night and so far haven't felt the need to put on any more yet!
No7 Quick Thinking Reflexion Rapide wipes- This promises to cleanse, tone, moisturize eye make-up and it did at least 3 out of 4- i don't know about the toning but it did remove make up without drying out my sin! Major bonus.
Mediterranean Mint Melon and Sugar Body Scrub- I haven't tried this yet- I will tonight, but the smell of it is Amaaazing. Can't wait to try it out!

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