Friday, August 13, 2010

Maybe if I write it down I'll follow through with it?

Here's hoping. I'm getting married in just over two months. HOLY CRAP HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? I have SO much left to do. And I think I was born with out that gene that all women seem to have that makes them like planning this kind of stuff. Soo not me. I just want to show up, not do everything before hand.

Anyway. My dress is strapless. Which means I have to do SOMETHING about these arms! Everything else is covered up and sucked in and looks great I think. But the arms? There is no hiding these in a strapless stress so its time to tone up! Any advice??

I have 5 lb weights that I have been working with during the nap time the past 4 days, and I'm going to try to do it every day for two weeks in a row- so ten more days. AND I haven't had any pop in the past 4 days either- which is SO good for me since I usually need two to get through the day. So for the next 10 days I need to continue to do the arm excersizes And NO POP.

Wish me luck!!

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