Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I miss you Sweden.

When I left Sweden last July i felt like I was saying goodbye to a best friend. And I had already done that. I had already said goodbye to my amazing friends that live there. I had already said goodbye to my grandma, and uncle, and cousins. I had said goodbye to our adorable little apartment right in the heart of Karlstad. I had said goodbye to the amazing isles of cheeses at the local grocery store, and all of my favorite breads and candies. I had said goodbye to the tire swing where Drew proposed, to all of our favorite parks we took Jasper to, and so my favorite spot to read under neath the old tree next to the river. But when we were at our hotel that we were staying at the night before leaving (connected to Arlanda airport) I took a walk outside to say goodbye to an old friend. Sweden. And I broke into tears thinking how I was going to miss everything about her. I get to nostalgic thinking about Sweden,the beautiful old buildings, the meadows filled with flowers, and I get homesick. I didn't feel that way about America when I was in Sweden. I missed my family, my friends and that was it. I didn't miss America. I suppose its because I didn't move here till 5th grade so when I think about my amazing childhood I think about Sweden. I'm rambling now, but I just wanted to say that Sweden, I miss you.


  1. I can relate in how I feel about my home state. My husband's uncle lives in Sweden and it's on our "to do" list of visiting.

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  2. Where in Sweden? And you Must go. I have traveled a lot, and Sweden is just so beautiful. And has amazing food :)