Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This was Tuesday.

Sunny, SEVENTY DEGREES. Today, I had to scrape ice off my car because of the freezing rain and 30-32 degrees. Come on SPRING I'm so ready for you to come and stay for a while! While I absolutely love winter, I'm always more than ready for the next season to come along. 

 Sitting outside reading for an hr during Jasper's nap time my belly got a little burnt! Enough to sting in the shower but that's it.

That large white streak that looks like it's running down my side? NOT a stretch mark! I saw it at first and freaked out- but then's tooth paste on the mirror. Yep classy. I'm gonna say thanks to mama mio stretch mark oil I have NO new stretch marks this time around, even though my belly shot out SUPER fast! Hopefully my luck will continue for these next 7 weeks and afterwards!


  1. You are the perfect pregnant girl! LOOK AT YOU!

  2. You look amazing! Your bump is perfect and I don't see any stretch marks! My bump is giant an full of stretch marks:( btw this is yeny3 from wte

  3. Found your blog on the WTE April Babies Message Board!! Here's a link to my blog!!