Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last week Drew and I got to go out- possibly last time before baby? We had the best possible time- going to a Guster concert! We've been huge Guster fans since high school (when Drew introduced me to them by making me a mixed CD for my spring break trip to Hawaii) so it was awesome to finally get to see them in Concert! They performed with the Denver Symphony and it was just amazing. 

The only thing is it was down town which is sometimes hard to get too parking wise- so we decided to park at a building Drew's company owns down town and hop on the 16th street mall bus. But we were running super late, so I turned to Drew and said let's just run. He looked at me and laughed thinking I was joking- NOPE. Not even being 8 months pregnant is going to keep me from a Guster Concert so we RAN. For like 4 blocks. Drew kept looking over and me laughing- I'm sure I looked hilarious. We had enough time to grab a bottle of water when we got there before it started because I definitely needed it after that! I haven't ran in so many months- that even just a few blocks had me out of breath. And then of course the Braxton Hicks decided to act up half the concert- the other half, she was dancing around crazy in there- think baby girl Loves Guster as well! Pretty excited that was her first concert :)

 As I was getting dressed Jasper turned to me and said, 'Mooom you can't wear those tights, they don't match!' Apparently my little fashionista (can boys be fashionista's or is there another name I'm supposed to call him?) wanted me in all black. 

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  1. I love the purple tights! Glad you had a great night out!