Friday, March 9, 2012

Girls can wear blue

Over the past week I have spent hours going through bin after bin of Jasper's old baby clothes. Slightly heart breaking to see these tiny pieces and realize he will never wear any of them again! And it made me realize we simply MUST have another boy some day so I get to see another boy in these adorable outfits. It also made me realize, that this girl WILL wear blue. I have grown through these bins, and had a system going of what I think could work on a girl. Turns out I think a LOT can! I started this project to A)find my nursing bras to see if they will work this time because damn those are expensive! and B) I knew I had a bunch of baby blankets and 0-3 month outfits  that were gender neutral since I of course had to start shopping before I found out that Jasper was a he. 

I came out of this realizing that a lot of these outfits are going to look so damn cute on a girl! Especially when I throw a cute headband on as well. So basically this means baby girl's wardrobe just about doubled over night! Woohooo! 

This also leaves me with a small problem (not Really a problem since it involves shopping) But what are your bow/head band buying secrets? Where do you get them? Please let me know if you have any awesome places you shop for the little girls in your life! 

Some of Jasper's little outfits he will be passing on to his little sister!


  1. I did this as well, but then I realized afterwards that I always grab the cute girly stuff first anyways so I didnt need stuff I wouldnt grab clogging up the dresser. lol so it kinda defeated the purpose for me.

  2. get cute headbands and then bows with clips on so you can mix n' match the bows and headbands. works great :)

  3. Even though CJ wore blue, most of my co-workers in the Navy thought he was girl Haha

    It must have been the soft curly locks that I couldn't bring myself to cut until my dad sent me a picture of CJ at his house with barettes in his hair LOL