Wednesday, March 28, 2012

35.5 weeks!

This means I have less than 4 weeks to go before baby girl makes her arrival! 

How far along: 35 weeks and 3 days
Size of Baby: large cantaloupe, 19-22 inches and around 6 lbs. 
Total Weight Gain: 28 lbs. Blah. 
Maternity Clothes: I'm wearing less maternity clothes now because it's been SO nice and I'm back to my long skirts and maxi's. Sad story- I thought all my old dresses would fit-and they do, BUT, this big belly ( and the boobs) lift up my dresses by several inches making them just a tad to short. Boo. 
Gender: Girl! And she has a name :) 
Movement: She's still pretty active! Shes the most active at night when I try to go to sleep- hoping this doesn't mean she's going to be a night owl! 
Sleep: Nope not happening. Well some nights actually are okay- but these puffy bags under my eyes are proof that sleep is pretty rare. Still don't usually have to pee at night though which is WEIRD since with Jasper at this point I would get up like every hour or so in the middle of the night to pee. 

What I miss: Everything fitting. Being able to see my vajajay.
Cravings: Still fruit! And ice cream. And bread and cheese. Oh and popsicles now that's its getting WARM! 
Symptoms:PELVIC PAIN. Ouch.
What I’m looking forward to:Baby girl coming!! And Easter. 

And now for this BIG BELLAH

I had my first "I feel super fat moment" last weekend when trying on dresses at H&M. So far I've been okay this pregnancy, doing much better than last time about gaining weight and getting bigger. I guess I'm not QUITE as vain as 21 year old Darlene! But it's still hard. Especially since with Jasper I think I pretty much just got a belly- and like everyone told me, when pregnant with girls expect to grow everywhere..and that's been the case. I mean did you SEE the bootie in the picture? And the back? Ugh. Okay end rant! 


  1. you look great! hope my answers helped!

  2. You don't big at all! You should have seen my pregnant bellies! :)

    Cute belly!