Monday, March 12, 2012

Mommy Jasper day date.

As I typed that I couldn't help but chant " Joey and Janice's Day of Fun!" in my head- please tell me someone else get's the Friends reference? No? Just me. Moving on then :)

I'm trying to have as many special moments with Jasper since soon it will no longer be just the 2 of us. And I want him to feel special as well, and not left out, so we have been having some 'day dates' as we like to call them. He get's to pick out whatever he wants to do, and we do it just the 2 of us.

Wednesday we had one of these day dates. He decided he wanted to go play at the mall, eat lunch, get a haircut and go to the library. So that's what we did! 

 Love this sweater my dad sent him from Norway (where he lives)

 His hair is so SHORT! He got like 5 inches cut off :(
Hope you guys had a good weekend! We decided to have a relaxing one and get some things done around here since the next 4 weekends are pretty booked and anytime after that baby girl can choose to make her appearance if she pleases! 

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  1. WHat a cutie pie getting a hair cut! I need to take Landyn to do that!