Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reminiscing..Sweden part 4. OSLO

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Technically this one isn't about Sweden, its about Oslo, Norway. Drew has a friend who he has known since birth (their mother's have been BFF's since Jr. High) and she married a Norwegian basketball player. They are currently living in Oslo, which was only a 3.5 hr train ride from Karlstad. Two weeks after I got back from Stockholm (mid march) we went there for a 4 day weekend. We left around 8 in the morning and were there by lunch time.

Molly and Haak met us at the train station and we took our stuff back to their apartment before heading out to explore Oslo. It was mid march, still a bit chilly but perfect sight seeing weather. 
The sky was incredible the first night we were there. This is a huge park w/ hundreds of statues, all done by one man, and they were all naked people. 

A pile of naked people on top of each other..slightly odd. 

Relaxing w a book in the awesome apartment we were staying at (friends sister in law) for free! Such nice people to loan complete strangers their apartment for the weekend. 

Super old church, I think from like 700 AD? I can't remember exactly but it was moved from Sweden or Norway..if i remember correctly.

Me and Molly enjoying some rolls w/ chocolate chunks in them (apparently very popular) and Quite delish. 

The Castle- and apparently the royalty were just right inside. (Sweden's castle is much prettier :)

Jasper and I snuck up to the door- as close as we dared w/  armed men standing everywhere. 

Looking down from the castle- at the bottom of the street is where all the shopping and restaurants began.

Walking down by water the first day when it was misty/foggy out.
It was an amazing weekend and we will definitely be going back there someday- hopefully in the summer! 


  1. What great pictures! That church is so beautiful.

  2. thanks for sharing those pics are amazing! really makes me want to take a vacation now :(