Thursday, January 6, 2011

"How Much do you Weigh"

"I'd prefer not to answer that right now..I'm still carrying a little holiday weight"

10 cool points if you can answer who said this........................................

Did you guess Ross Gellar? If you did you would be correct. And it's how I'm feeling right now. Over the last few weeks I've stuffed myself with cookies, pies, chocolate and other baked goods on top of all the home cooked meals we had in Iowa over break. I come from a family of Amazing chefs, and can never control how much I eat when I am around them. Plus we made a trip up to Ikea- and there I stocked up on Swedish chocolate bars, bags of 'Bilar' (candy cars) and these sinfully delicious chocolate covered coconut/marshmellow goodness. And since Drew refuses to touch anything w/ coconut on it- I ate two whole boxes (minus the two jasper ate) in a week. I'm guessing thats about 5000 calories worth of junk. But Swedish junk that I never get to eat anymore, so it's totally justified.

Now it's time to hit the elliptical and lose the 3 lbs I gained in December PLUS the 5-8 lbs 'baby weight' I still need to get rid of. 

Jasper trying his first Mums Mums in the car ride back to CO. 

Best treat ever, Mums Mums and Swedish Julmust (Christmas soda)

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