Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh 2010

It's been a big year, but really, what year hasn't been the last few years especially.

Some major events that happened

*We moved in March- I believe the 5th before Jasper turned 3

*We set a wedding date

*Besties came to visit us from Sweden in April/May for three weeks

*Wedding dress shopping! Only tried on about 50 before deciding on one.

*Summer came and we spent pretty much every day at the pool- often twice a day. Two weeks in Jasper was jumping into the deep end by himself w/o a  floatie and making his way to the top. By the end of the summer he was swimming, under water by himself. At the age of two!!

*Many hours spent in the car road tripping to Iowa for family time, weddings, wedding showers

*My baby turned THREE- still not sure how that happened- and had a Pippi party at grammys house in IA. He is obsessed w/ Pippi and still talks about how she came all the way from Sweden to his birthday party. 

*Jasper started a preschool aged class at Little Gym (w/o mamma in there with him) and absolutely loves it. Possibly starting karate in January?

*Jasper got his first haircut!! At three. I'm still upset about it.

*We got MARRIED. Still haven't changed mine or jaspers last name..Probably should get on that. 

On a harder note
2010, more specifically this fall and winter, brought the news that both of my grandmothers have cancer.My grammy, moms mom, has brain and breast tumors but is doing good with chemo and radiation. And it didn't stop her from coming from North Carolina to my Iowa wedding two weeks into Chemo. My farmor, dads mom (in sweden) has stomach cancer and is on her last few days/weeks in Sweden. Both of these are really hard to deal with, and I know because of this 2011 will bring much sadness. But I also know it will bring a lot of happiness. So 2011, I'm ready for you. 

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  1. So glad you had an awesome year! You look gorgeous in your wedding dress!