Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow day!

Last weekend we Finally got some snow- so of course we had to go out sledding!

We packed a lunch, some hot chocolate in my new Ikea thermos, bundled up and headed to the nearest hill. It was pretty windy out, but Jasper had SO much fun. He freakin Loves the snow/cold, gotta be the Swedish blood in him!

After sledding until our fingers were numb we climbed into the back of the jeep for some hot chocolate and sandwiches. A PB&J has Never tasted so good.

**Funny story.....Jasper's current favorite movie is Might Joe Young ( he pretty much refuses to watch cartoons/kid shows) and he was pretending all day that his sled was Joe. When he was pulling 'joe' up the hill he kept saying ' come on big guy, you can do it'. He's the best.**


  1. How cute is that???

    CJ loves to sled. We didn't head out last time it snowed because of car issues. Here in Ft Collins we head to the park with the Mammoth in the middle-Fossil Creek? I think.

    Where do you guys head out to?