Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reminiscing..Sweden part 3

My Stockholm Adventure:AKA The Hunt for Prince Carl Philip

A few weeks after we got back from Ljusdal it was time for my first SOLO trip in Sweden. Also, my first weekend away from Jasper. Ever. As my boys dropped me off at the train station I couldn't even fight back the tears as I kissed my baby boy goodbye, He was 19 months and I'd only spent one night away from him- and that didn't even count since I left him at 7:30(his bedtime) and was back as he was eating breakfast.

I was going to Stockholm to meet Sofie, Jessica and Kerstin. (three besties from childhood in Ljusdal.) Jessica and Kerstin lived in Stockholm(though on opposite ends and hadn't seen each other since they graduate highschool!!) and sofie was driving down from Ljusdal. It was a three hour train ride, and it passed so quickly sitting there sipping my coffee and reading my book trying to keep myself distracted from the fact that I was going to be away from my baby for 50ish hours.

I get goosebumps whenever I think about Stockholm. It's the most beautiful place I have ever been. And not that I've been everywhere but compared to anywhere in the states I have been, Thailand, Bali Indonesia, the Caribbean, all Hawaii islands, and a few other parts of Europe- no where else compares to the beauty of this old city, built on 14 islands.

Some of the hi-lites?
1. Double decker(closed in) tour of Stockholm. (Jessica lives there but was More than willing to do all the touristy stuff with us) It was a hop on hop off bus, so if we saw somewhere we wanted to stop- we just pushed a button and the bus stopped as soon as safely possible. Then when could hop back on anytime we wanted to for the whole weekend. Definitely recommend!


2. Seeing old buildings and museums. Crazy being in a place with building hundreds of years old than this country!!

I thought this one looked like it belonged at Hogwarts.

This tower thing. I can't remember the name of it..but we went up it and it was HIGH. 

3. Amazing dinner at a mongolian place where the prime minister was shot(many years ago)

4. A boat ride to the other side of Stockholm. We stood outside while it was misty/foggy, everyone thought we were crazy but it was such amazing views I couldn't sit inside!

5. A Swedish "party" that Kerstin was invited too and brought us all along.

6. THE SHOPPING- I was too busy exploring all the stores to get a picture of any of this. Not surprising really.

7. Seeing the castle- I'm slightly obsessed with monarchys, and wanted to see the royal family (esp. the prince who was newly single) but no such luck...on this trip anyway :)

8. Exploring Gammla Stan, Old Town, and standing in a teeeeny road.

ANd most importantly- getting some much needed MOMMY time and getting to spend time with these three amazing ladies. We bonded so much this weekend, hopefully the first of Many trips like these. **We have vowed to get together every year, in a different country or city and so far we are two for two!


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