Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What will I be doing this summer?

(I realize it's only January- but I'm too excited to not be googling everything there is to do and see here)

At the end of June I'll be going to Sweden for one of my best friends wedding. While I've spent almost half of my lifetime in Sweden there are still tons of places I haven't seen there. This is one of them.

Gotland. The largest island in the Baltic Sea- off the coast of Sweden. It's supposed to be Beautiful- especially in the summer. After Sofie and Henrik's wedding, the four of us will road trip down the coast and take the ferry across and spend 3-4 days here. I think it will be magical.

We will spend our days eating delicious food, touring medieval ruins, walking along the beach, swimming in the frigid Baltic sea, possibly camping, taking canoes to other little islands- pure bliss. Some might prefer to spend their vacations on a lazy beach in mexico drinking margaritas. Not us. We would rather explore Europe, SHOP (okay that one is more me than Drew) see and do things that aren't possible in our every day lives, not spend out whole vacation laying on a hot beach. That just doesn't even sound very appealing to me.

Besides going to Gotland we will spend several days up in Northern Swede where I grew up. Thats where my friends are getting married (and where they live) and also where my grandma, uncle and cousins live (also happens to be where Drew proposed.)

So much green. And blue. I am forever thankful for growing up among so much natural beauty.

We will also spend a few days in my favorite city in the world. Stockholm. Water on all sides. World class food. To die for shopping. Cafe's and buildings hundreds and hundreds of years old.

Hoping I make it to the royals summer castle this time outside the city. It's supposed to be Beautiful. 

I get goosebumps thinking about it!! Anyone else have exciting traveling plans?


  1. It looks so amazing! One of my closest friends married a Swede and she gushes about it all the time! Would looove to visit someday!


  2. Oh wow, I'm so jealous! That place looks amazing :)