Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Where I come from.

Today's prompt from Blogtember.

Such a simple question, but one that doesn't necessarily have a simple answer.

  Whenever someone asks me where I'm from and I feel like giving a detailed answer it goes something like "Weeellllll, I was born in West Palm Beach Florida. But I didn't live there very long, we moved to the Virgin Islands when I was just a few weeks old. Then Back to Florida. Oh and then we moved to South Carolina. But I don't remember any of that. We moved to Sweden when I was three and lived there till 4th grade. Oh except for the year (ish) in the middle that we spent in Bali, Indonesia when I was 8. From 4th grade to college I lived in a small town in Iowa. And now here we are in Denver and have been here since Jasper was a newborn. Oh except for the 7 months we studied abroad as a family back in Sweden.

But my typical answer I give when someone asks if I'm from Colorado, I'll usually reply "Nope we moved here from Iowa. But I originally grew up in Sweden." I don't know why really but I can't just reply (most of the time) and say "I'm from Iowa" because I never really felt like I was "from" there. Or that I 'grew up there' because I certainly did a lot of growing up in Sweden. I can't just erase the first half of my life and act like it didn't exist, which is what I would feel like I would be doing if I just said "I'm from Iowa."

Where are you from? I'd love to know! And do you count yourself from more than one place?

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  1. I´m like that too. I grew up in a town on the west coast of Norway, then moved to the North, then to Spain, then back to mid-Norway, then back to Spain, then to Oslo... I don´t feel like I belong any particular place in Norway anymore..

    1. whoa spain? That would be amazing. As would Norway be :) Where do you want to end up do you think?

  2. Story of my life! I never know how to respond to that question and how much people really want to know! Sometimes I just say that I'm from planet earth, haha!

  3. I live in Seattle currently but I'm 'from' ohio. But I've been here 9 years now so I pretty much consider this where I'm from.

  4. I have a similar repsonse...I was born in El Salvador but raised in Chino, CA...loved today's prompt :)

  5. From russia live in russia!