Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Old Faithful

Maybe I'll be done posting about our summer trips by the time I go on another trip? Maybe.

We left off with leaving Lake Yellowstone (on little mans 6th birthday) to head to Old Faithful. We heard it could be a 90 minute wait depending on when we got there and when they predicted she would erupt next, and luckily we got there at 10:15 and she was predicted to go off at I think it was 11:07 or something specific like that. 
They were off by 3 minutes.

^These rocking chairs are everywhere in Yellowstone for you to enjoy!^

We grabbed a quick bite to eat after watching Old Faithful (and shared an old faithful ale) and then headed back toward Mammoth (my dads.) On the way there my goal was to find a waterfall, and find a waterfall we did! One we could swim near! 
THe water was surprisingly not too cold. It was only in the 70's that day, and I was expecting the river to be ice cold, it is mountain water after all! But it wasn't bad at all!

I could have spent all day at the river! But it was time to head back to my dads for a birthday dinner for Jasper! I think he had a pretty spectacular birthday! Fancy breakfast at lake lodge, old faithful, seeing a waterfall and swimming in a mountain river. Not a bad way to start your 6th year!  
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  1. your pictures!! makes me want to go so badly!

  2. So jealous, looks like an amazing adventure you are giving your children

  3. You look gorgeous mama! Yellowstone is somewhere I've always wanted to go, it look so beautiful! I forsee a family vacation here in our future, for sure! It looks like you guys had so much fun!