Friday, August 30, 2013

Lake Yellowstone.

I think Lake Yellowstone area was my favorite in all of Yellowstone. I say I think because really it was just all so gorgeous it's nearly impossible to choose which area was the best, but when Drew and I were talking on our way home, we decided Lake Yellowstone took the lead by just a smidge. 

I mean, it's got the mountains And water. Two of my very favorite things. 

When we arrived at Lake Lodge we found out we couldn't check in till 4. First we thought, disaster, because we had a Very tired 1 year old. But we decided to make the best of it and went to the marina to check out the boats and walk along the water. Jasper started begging to go in a boat, and the bigger boat tours weren't for another hour so we decided to take out a little paddle boat. It was perfect! It was a little windy so Drew definitely got an arm work out in! It kept our tired kiddos entertained, and we brought a snack with to enjoy out in the middle of the lake. Perfection. 

After naps we explored the area some more and had a late dinner, and afterwards Drew and I (like every other night) put the kiddos to bed then sat out on the porch sipping wine and played cards with the deck we bought in the gift shop.

As we were sitting there, listening to the wolves howl close by (sort of creepy) we saw a large fox walking by the cars. It was still 15 feet away so I wasn't too freaked out, then it disappeared into the dark and I couldn't see it any longer. Till it came around the corner and jogged 1/2 a foot from where we were sitting. I gasped/jumped/possibly peed my pants a little bit (not really but I was dang close) and scared the fox away. I was ready to head in after that. I know a fox isn't some super scary animal, but having one 8 inches from me in His habitat was just a little out of my comfort zone. 

The next day was Jaspers 6th birthday! We woke him up (after Tindra woke Us up) with a few presents in bed then headed out to a super special birthday breakfast at Lake Yellowstone hotel. Definitely the fanciest place to eat in all of Yellowstone! 

After breakfast we were on our way to Old Faithful! 

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  1. Gosh it looks so dreamy there! I want to go next summer!

  2. your pictures make me feel as if i were there with you!

  3. how fun! I had to laugh though, i'm not sure if you meant "row boat" or not, but when you said drew got an arm workout from a paddle boat, i was so confused! up north, a paddle boat is when you have peddles on the bottom of the boat to move and definitely do not use our arms. hahha. and the boat you are in is a row boat. don't know if it's just a northern thing, but found it interesting the name you used!