Monday, September 30, 2013

Iowa trip through cell phone pictures

I just realized I still haven't blogged about our last Iowa trip, and I'm sure no one else cares about that- but since I started this blog to remember, and to document our lives that's what I'm going to do :)
There's are just some iphone pictures, I'm pretty sure I have a bunch on my camera as well, but we will see if I get to those! 

 ^A high school friend got married (two did actually, a week apart!)^
 ^We were finally in Iowa for the state fair! This hasn't happened in years!^
 ^They had the coolest petting/feeding zoo, i mean zebras and kangaroos? ^
^And ridiculous food like fried cheese curds..which I consumed at 9 AM^

 ^Tindra discovered her love of Iowa sweet corn^
 ^And taught her cousin how to climb stairs. Which her aunt may not have been thrilled about^
 ^Jasper enjoyed jam session in grammy's basement^

 ^And Tindra learned how to eat with a fork^
 ^Lots and lots of cousin time is the best!^

 ^One of my favorite days was spent with friends who live in Norway but also were in Iowa visitng family. For lunch we had crab rangoon pizza! Amazing. Also, loaded baked potato pizza^

 ^He's a rather tall dude (the Norwegian)^

 ^Lots of quality time with grammy is the BEST^
 ^And Tindra got to go to her first Nadas show!^
 ^Another friends wedding!^

 ^High school (and jr high!) besties!^

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  1. looks like you had loads of fun!

  2. Your friend and husband got the memo: gray shirt and blue shorts.

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