Thursday, September 26, 2013

Campus Book Rentals

Any of my readers still in college? If so this post is for you!
I remember heading to the book store for my first semester of college at University of Northern Iowa (go Panthers!) and how excited I was to get all of my supplies and books. I can even remember what my classes were that first semester. Speech, a drama class, rock climbing (no books needed for this one!) a health class that was required and went along with the rock climbing (HUGE heavy book required) international politics and world civilization ( a history class that came with a list of like 5 books you needed to buy.) After spending the hour or so finding all my books and heading to check out I remember being shocked when I saw the register. $350+ for some books! Yikes. But what can ya do, I needed the books obviously!
They tell you you can sell the books back at the end of the semester and get a lot of your money back, sounds good huh? Until you realize that they want to give you $7 for the book you just bought 4 months ago (and lets face it, barely even opened) for $65. Not a very good deal. I kept most of the text books I bought. Not because I needed them. But more out of stubbornness. 
When I got an email explaining Campus Book Rentals my first thought was "why did I not know about this 8 years ago?" I could have saved myself So much money! But lucky for you I'm passing this information on to you guys! 
Campus Book Rentals is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You get to rent the books you need for your college classes for a fraction of the price you would spend to buy them! Brilliant!
Some of the perks:
free shipping both ways
save 40-90% off bookstore prices
you CAN highlite in the text books
flexible renting periods (big bonus for some of those shorter month long classes!
they donate to Operation Smile with every text book rented
So by renting books, you get your books needed for way cheaper, and get to help children born with facial deformities. Sounds like a pretty win win situation to me! 
They also have a program RentBack that sounds pretty amazing, where you get to rent your books you already own back to other students, and every time your books get rented you get paid! Wonder if they have a need for 8 year old international politics books..I have several of those.  
Let me know if you have any questions about these programs and I'll try to get them answered for ya!
This is a sponsored post but all opinions and my own! 
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