Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Watching: Oh man so excited my fall shows are back on. Now I have something to do while folding a billion loads of laundry. How does a family of four go through so much laundry! Current favorite shows, Grey's, Revenge, The Voice, SVU..and I really liked the pilot episode of Betrayal anyone else that? Thoughts?

Listening to: Oh Hellos and The Lumineers have been on itunes repeat here as of late. 

Thinking about: Traveling! Getting the urge. Got all the documents ready monday night to get Tindras passport..but then the Government decided to SHUT DOWN, I mean what? So now apparently passport applications are on hold? Ridiculous. Can ya tell I'm a bit pissed about that?

Loving: Cooler temperatures. And the leaves on the gorgeous trees in our new house. Also loving, our new house. Like Love love. Oh and my new lens. Totally loving that. 

Reading: Nothing and it's time to get back into reading! I used to read 1-3 books a week, now I haven't read a book in at least a month. That has Got to change. Anyone have any recommendations?

Making me happy: Taking peoples pictures. Seriously makes me incredibly happy. 

Picture obviously not related, but I have this need to add a picture with every to every post. Plus, how adorable is she? And how much of a big does she look like eating with a fork? 

Thanks Danielle for the inspiration for this post!

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  1. The Voice always makes me cry. Thank goodness I'm not pregnant because I'd be a sobbing mess. Revenge...LOVE.

  2. I just watched Betrayal this morning! I'm liking it. Excited.

  3. She looks like a 5 year old!