Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pretty sure it's against some sort of blogging religion to meet up with a fellow blogger and Not blog about it! But whoops, I did! And it's not even the first time!

Last week I got together with the lovely Sarah and her ridiculously adorable daughter Iris for coffee. And then this week we met at the park for a walk. It's kind of crazy meeting someone when you have been reading their blog. But crazy in a good way!! 

I've also had the pleasure of meeting Laura when she moved to Denver with her daughter and hockey player husband from Sweden. Sadly they have since moved back!

And Also I have had a meet up with Joan and the adorable Porter, and I wish they lived closer!!

And obviously I'm a horrible blogger since there exactly zero pictures from any of those coffee dates. 

What about you guys, have you met any other bloggers? And did your significant other think it was Super weird you were meeting up with some you 'met online'? 


  1. I was just thinking "I can't believe we didn't snap photos!"

  2. We kinda met. Not on purpose! lol At the zoo, remember I saw you and I think I totally freaked you out by approaching you.

    Other than that I have not met any other bloggers, but I have met people from and off of myspace and facebook :)

    1. Yes I was just thinking about that!! You Totally caught me off guard! :)