Sunday, October 21, 2012

All about him

The him I'm talking about is Jasper. Pretty much since he entered our world it's all been about it. 

Most of our conversation about weekends go something like this

What should we do this weekend?

We could go check out that new park I drove by coming home yesterday, Jasper would love that. Then we could go on a bike ride, Jasper has been wanting to do that. And then maybe play Jasper's new board game!

All about Jasper. 

Ever since T came along the focus has shifted a TINY bit. But barely. Now we do the same things, just scheduled around nap times when possible. 

This weekend, like many others was 100% about Jasper.

Pretty much right after he got home from school we got ready then headed to a birthday party at a local bouncy house for a new friend in his class. (This is his 2nd of three birthday parties in 4 weeks. He's got a busier social schedule than his parents!) We didn't get home till around 7 then it was a board game and bed.

Saturday morning Jasper had his last soccer game of the season and immediately after we headed to a pumpkin patch about 30 minutes away. We were gone from the house 6 hours, longer than normal with Tindra, so she definitely got screwed out of her afternoon nap. But she was a champ anyway!

When we got home we carved pumpkins and had dinner then BED.

Today we ran errands, Drew took the kids while I went to zumba and then naps and Swedish school.

After dinner we played MORE board games and then bed once again.

So literally every minute of the weekend was about Jasper. Lucky kid or what!!

It was a perfect weekend and I wouldn't change a second of it!

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