Sunday, October 28, 2012

Baby in a pumpkin!

Last weekend we decided to cut one of our pumpkins out for T to sit in. I thought she would think it was funny and we could get a cute pic. WRONG. At least on the her liking it, cute pics we did get!

She freaked OUT. Full on tears, and since they only happen like once a week Maybe, we were slightly shocked. I quickly snapped some pictures and got her out. She was in it for Maybe 1 minute total. 

After we got her out we decided to cut down the edges and see if that made it any better..


Then I thought, maybe it's the leaves she doesn't like? I quickly grabbed a blanket and set her on that..

Much better. 


  1. Such a pretty little girl!. I never put my babies in pumpkins... I should have!

  2. So cute, even when she was freaking out. :)