Monday, October 1, 2012

One of my favorite things about living in Denver, is getting out of Denver. When you live right in the middle of a big city (not the suburbs, we've done that and it's Not the same!) the feeling you get when you leave the city is indescribable. 

Estes Park, my favorite mountain town, is about 90 minutes away. The perfect location for a day trip. I like to go at Least once each season, and we last went in June for the Swedish Midsummer festival, so it was time for a fall trip and Sunday was the perfect day since they were having their annual elk festival. 

The day could have been horrible. It certainly started out that way. We got packed up and were out the door by 9:30, just in time for Tindra's morning nap. When we got to Boulder, Jasper complained about a tummy ache, so we stopped, got him so water and asked if he wanted to turn around and go back home. He almost cried when I suggested we go home ( he loves the mountains as much as his parents do) so we kept going. 

About 20 minutes before getting to Estes, on a narrow one lane mountain road, Jasper starts breathing heavier. And looks quite pale. I asked if he thought he was going to throw up, he said no, but I quickly grabbed the bag with his newly purchased Halloween costume, dumped out the costume and handed him the bag. About 20 seconds later he threw up his breakfast. Somehow he made it completely in the bag, but there is literally Nowhere to pull over up there, you are literally on the side of the mountain, so we had no choice but to keep going. The plan was to make it to Estes, find a bathroom and a new bag and turn around. 

Once we got there and got him cleaned up I went to wash myself off, and I come back out 5 minutes later to a happy bouncing boy. Literally couldn't get him to sit still. He was begging to stay and had color back in his face. So, we decided to stay. Figured fresh mountain would be good for him before our 90 min ride back down the mountain.

I'm so glad we ended up staying. We had the Best time! He sipped on some sprite (couldn't believe I was letting him have POP!) and within an hour was begging for lunch and a carmel apple, which by the way they make right in front of you. Definitely the best carmel apple I've Ever had. 

Jasper napped the entire way back home, seriously was out about 3 minutes into the car ride. Not his sister on the other hand. She babbled half the way home. It's amazing to me just how happy she is, ALL the time! Missed a nap? Who cares. Hungry? Might whine for a minute until being distracted. Has a dirty diaper? Doesn't seem to notice. She is Seriously the happiest baby I've ever met. And that's saying something considering her big brother was a super happy baby as well. So blessed with these two!


  1. I can't believe you didn't go home after your son was sick

  2. I'm sure he was really glad you didn't run straight home! That's a long drive - glad you all had fun.