Monday, October 22, 2012


I've decided to take the plunge into paleo.. For a week! That's as far as I can commit to right now! Day one is done, and so far so good! For breakfast I had a blueberry/cucumber smoothie. For lunch leftovers drew made last night- chicken and potatoes in a cream sauce (some paleo sites say no to dairy others say some is okay and that's the ones I'm going with!) and snacks I had fruit and cashews. Dinner I decided to try and make paleo spaghetti bolognese. The 'pasta' part is spaghetti squash. I was super surprised at how good it was! Seriously delicious! I told jasper it was pasta and he never questioned it and ate his entire plate full. That's success! Also, I gave our dog the rest of drews plate because I gave him way to much and he (the dog) ate it all! He loves pasta but won't touch vegetables so I guess I had him fooled also!! Oh and I also made apple/cinnamon chips. Those were just so so, but jasper liked them! Any one else attempt a paleo diet? Got any recipes to share?


  1. leighanne over at eats paleo! her kids don't, but her and her husband do!

  2. I'm not sure what websites you've found but is great. I've been paleo (+ dairy) for 2 years now and I still visit the forums on that site regularly. Another good one is Lots of recipes, podcasts, and tips on paleo with kids.

    I love eating this way. As long as you don't try to replace old snacks or grainy foods with a paleo version, I have found that grocery shopping isn't any more expensive than it used to be. Be open to trying new vegetables, spices and cooking methods. So many possibilities! Also, be aware of the dreaded Carb Flu. It ranges in severity and length, but usually a week to a few weeks after going paleo, most people feel terrible, headaches, no energy, etc. This is normal and once you get past it, you will feel amazing and you will no longer be dependent on sugar. Just be aware that since you're only committing to a week, you might not get past the carb flu. Paleo also definitely requires more cooking and time in the kitchen, but after a while it feels normal. Find a few quick meals for those times when time is an issue (eggs, salad + meat, roasted vegetables + protein, crock pot meals).

    And for me in the beginning, it was helpful when I was craving candy or crackers or whatever to think about the most delicious paleo food that I CAN have. Do I want some chips or a nice steak, bacon and eggs, etc.? Good luck and have fun with it!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm going to try to do a month, a week is just something I KNEW I could do. So you eat dairy? How much? I'm scared about the 'carb flue' you mention. Do you remember when that happened? Thanks again!!

    2. I eat a lot of dairy because it doesn't bother me at all. Most people who omit dairy find that it stalls weight loss or that they have some intolerance to it. I didn't eat dairy for maybe a month, but didn't notice any difference in any area, so I added it back.

      By cutting out grains and legumes, the amount of carbs you eat each day is going to drop pretty dramatically. With fruit, dairy and lots of vegetables, I average between 100-150g per day as opposed to the 300-400 average on a standard american diet. Paleo will help regulate your blood sugar and make you fat adapted (so you burn dietary/stored fat for energy instead of carbs). The carb flu is part of the process of your body switching over to fat burning. I don't really remember the carb flu personally (I guess it wasn't too bad). In the beginning, I ate as much fruit as I wanted and I ate as much fat as I wanted. You can eat a lot of fruit/sweet potatoes/dairy (any high carb paleo food) and then gradually decrease the amount. Also, if you're hungry, you're bound to crave the grains that you've cut out, so stay full with fats (almond butter on apples, REAL coconut milk added to smoothies, fattier cuts of meat, etc.). Ultimately, the amounts of carbs/fats/protein that you eat will depend on you and a certain amount of self-experimentation.

      In the beginning, eat when you are hungry. Some people are ravenous in the beginning and that's ok and normal. It will even out.

    3. Thank you for all the info! You have been Super helpful! Knowing I can still have cheese makes everything else okay :) I think I'm ready to commit to the 30 days now!

  3. I've been wanting to do this! Please post what you continue to eat!!