Monday, October 29, 2012

Boo at the zoo

This is our 5th year going to boo at the zoo. It's such a great family Halloween activity! About a million  times more entertaining then knocking on random doors at night, and this way we get to see elephants and polar bears (my favorite zoo animals) as well! 

I found some old pictures from past boo at the zoo's. I can't believe how much he has changed!!

First year we went he was a bumblebee

Then he was a spider

Then a pirate

And last year...Harry Potter!! 

This year i couldn't convince him to be anything other than what he wanted to be...Batman!!

And Tindra was a super duper adorable zebra. 

What's up with boys and super heros? There were about 75 thousand spider mans and batmans running around the zoo today. I have no clue why Jasper was so obsessed with being batman. I'm about 98% positive he's never even seen a batman movie. I'm going to thank his fellow kindergarten classmates for this one. Do you try to influence your kids Halloween costume or do you just let them be whatever they want? 


  1. I definitely try to influence my kids choices.
    Most of the time it doesn't work though! lol

    1. I so badly tried this year because it was the first year I didn't love his choice. But then I felt badly because he wanted to be batman Sooo badly

  2. Your babes look so cute in their costumes! :)