Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tip Top Toes!

I think most women I know have a 'thing' they usually choose to spend their (or their husbands) hard earned money on. Some would say expensive make up, others would say purses, some might say fancy lotions- and while I love all those, except for maybe the make up part, I would say my 'thing' is shoes. A quick peek into my closet and that's probably what you would guess as well. 

Even before Jasper was born he had a pretty extensive shoe collection as well. But let's face it, shopping for boy shoes isn't nearly as much fun. Or so I thought anyway until I stumbled across TipTopToes
I was of course looking for baby girl shoes, but what I found were super unique boy AND girl shoes. I was in shoe heaven!! They have all the things I was looking for in a baby shoe. Adorable? CHECK. Good quality? Check. Comfortable and affordable? Check, check! 

I emailed Vineta (creator of TipTopToes) and asked if she wanted to be apart of a feature I'm beginning- featuring unique, hand made baby items, and from the very start she showed such great communication. We emailed back and forth many times and she was so great about answering any questions I had.

When I received my package in the mail and opened up the box with shoes I Might have squealed a little bit. And by might, I mean I totally did. They are just so soft! Even Drew, who doesn't get too excited about baby clothes/gear in general was excited about them.

I asked Vineta to share a little about herself to give us a better idea about her and her shop.

 Who/what inspired you to begin creating your products? 

I often see ( probably the same way as you ) so many beautiful fabric designs and I always dreamed to make girl's clothes. I think childrens' clothes very often are not colorful enough and children are so alive and happy that they should wear bright and beautiful things. Over period of 10 years and collected SO many beautiful fabrics that it's not even funny. I plan to add girl's clothes to match my slippers. I have few , but it is not enough to put them for sale, besides sewing is VERY time consuming process, especially dresses. Even slippers. It takes about 3 hours to make pair of slippers. When I saw Alexander's Henry Bear fabric I thought - that's it - those bears look SOOOO cute and funny, they NEED to be used. Yes, yes, I try to be be as green as possible, I am 80% organic, I use lots of vintage fabrics, but I must say - I can't resist those fabric designers. Beautiful fabrics DO inspire and leather works well together.
8 years ago my friend gave me slippers very similar what I am making now and I have to admit - those were THE Best BaBy slippers. Well.. I knew I can make something similar and here they are - my favorite baby slippers with my favorite designs on them.

 How long have you been creating?
 I have been creating since I was 8 . I knit , crochet and sew.

Besides creating, what are your other passions?
I looove good food and I like to cook. Every year for Christmas I have 12 different kinds of THE BEST cookies - Madeleine, chocolate and hazelnut , home made marshmallows . Mmmmm, you name it. ( secret ingredient ? As Julia Child say - butter). I like to make jewelry , sew ( of course), travel, read , work in my organic garden, hike , work out . 
How much time a week would you say you spend on your shop?
I try to sew when I can , about 4 hours a day.
Anything else about your shop you would like to share with us
 I think I can say - I am proud what I am making and how I am making. I just wish I had more time in day.

I'm so excited about these shoes and can't wait to put them on baby girl when she gets here! I am trying support hand made, small business and from now on will be buying baby gifts only these kinds of shops. The first time around I didn't realize all that was out there, and after doing a little bit of research I'm finding there are SO many great, unique shops!! Why have I been buying baby gifts at GAP for the past 5 years?? I can't wait to find out what my sister is having, because I know she will appreciate these unique shoes just as much as I do!


  1. oh my gosh my niece NEEDS those red ones! *Sarah

  2. thanks so much for introducing these- these are PERFECT! I can think about three baby showers coming up where these would be the perfect gift!!