Tuesday, January 3, 2012

23 week bump!

How far along: 23 weeks 2 days 
Size of Baby: Ear of corn, 8.5 inches long and 1.5 lbs!! 

Total Weight Gain:  ehh...if our scale is right I think I've gained like 13-14 lbs now- I think I gained 5 lbs after 2 weeks in Iowa. Sad huh? BUT to be fair my mom is an amazing cook- AND it was the holidays and I probably gain weigh then every year just never check the scale so now that I'm checking on the scale I'm noticing a BIG difference! I'm guessing my appointment next week will be the first time my OB doesn't give me a lecture about not gaining enough weight. 

Maternity Clothes: Pretty much all maternity jeans- but scan still wear dresses, shirts etc non maternity. I finally got to the new H&M that opened up downtown Denver in November and I bought a few cute maternity shirts and some non maternity shirts that are on the longer side so should hopefully cover this bump till April! 

Gender: Girl! 

Movement:All. THe.Time. Especially at night- she's a little night owl! 
Sleep: Decent- have to wake up often to switch sides because my hips are killing me but other than that I sleep fine 
What I miss: Feeling like myself! But its the prize to pay to grow this little babe :)
Cravings: Pretty much EVERYTHING. I just want to EAT!! But I love anything with cheese especially now. ANd ice cream!! I bought and ate an entire package of birthday cake ice cream. ANd now I want more. 
Symptoms:Out of breath easily, pressure, hips and back ache 
What I’m looking forward to: Starting to get baby stuff organized!! I was waiting till we got back from Christmas in January- and now we are back so it's time! 

These are Not the best of pictures and please excuse the evil glare- Drew was standing right in the sun so I'm not glaring at him- just the sun. 

Shirt: H&M Maternity 
Jeans: Gap Maternity
Hat: H&M Stockholm bought last January
Boots: AAGH THE BOOTS!! One of my Christmas presents from my boys. I've wanted Hunter Boots forever but never could justify spending the money on rain boots when it rains like 5 times a year here but it does snow a lot and the snow turns to yucky slush so they are PERFECT!!!! 


  1. H & M has maternity? Ah! Where did you find it? I had no idea!

  2. Love the bump! I know exactly what you mean about the hip pain at night, I got a memory foam mattress topper and that is certainly helping a bit!

  3. You are looking ADORABLE momma!! :)