Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I need to get better at taking me time. Whenever I do, I feel guilty. And this guilt has to STOP. I'm a mom 24/7, and me taking an hour to myself once in a while doesn't make me less of a mom. Rationally I know all of this, but that rational side always seems to disappear as soon as I walk out the door. 

But lets face it, my me time is pretty damn slim now, so as soon as baby number 2 arrives in April that me time is going to be pretty much non existent for a while so my goal for the next 13 weeks is to try to get a little more me time in. 

I took my first dose of 'pre baby (number 2) me time this weekend by grabbing some starbucks and going to a movie. BY.MY.SELF.

Yep, I said it. ALONE. I am almost ashamed to admit I had never been to a movie by myself and it was Quite freeing. I felt like such a grown up!! Took me 25.5 years, but I did it!! And ya know what? I Highly recommend it.

Next up on my 'me time list' a facial and prenatal massage!! Any other ideas for some me time activities? 


  1. I am a huge fan of the solo movie experience.

  2. Never done the movie by myself but I have done the facial/massage - loved it - and I have gone out to a restaurant by myself with a book to read (usually some place that also serves ice cream!).

    Most of my me time is at home though, I love getting the house to myself when I can and just puttering or stitching or quilting or reading. It's rare but I do love that time.

  3. Get a message. And I've never been to the movies by myself and I'm more than 25.5!

    Oh, and you were tagged:

  4. Every mama deserves "me time"! You should go for a pedicure