Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stuff my Kid Says

**So yesterday I went bra shopping because the boob situation is getting slightly ridiculous. I've gone up TWO full cup sizes in the last few months. And even this new cup size is borderline to small but victoria's secret doesn't HAVE anything bigger.  Guess where we know where half of this pregnancy weight is going!! Anyway, this morning Jasper walked into my bedroom right after I had put on my new bra. His reaction**

Jasper "Moooom take those boobs off. They are Way to big. No way they will let you in to the movies with those boobs on. Take them offffff!"

Me: Speechless.

Drew: Laughing hysterically.


  1. Hahaha too funny ;) I admit growing a cup-size or two is something I'm hoping happens for me when I get pregnant lol.