Friday, January 13, 2012


My face has never been this dry in my entire life. And Jasper's is super dry too! To the point where it's painful to smile because it feels like my face is cracking whenever I do. ANY advice?? I've been putting coconut oil on both of our  faces several times a day but so far it's not doing ANYTHING!!! 


  1. Have you tried aquaphor? (sp?) works for me and Channing

  2. I get dry skin a lot myself-- some things I do, turn the temp down in the shower (as much I as I looooove my hot showers... it's super drying) so basically, have it as lukewarm as you can stand it. When you're still wet from the shower/bath, apply either baby oil or a thick moisturizing lotion (something like Gold Bond healing lotion works well.) Then just blot dry.

    Get a humidifier (or two) and run them as much as possible, especially while you sleep. That really helps too.

    Good luck!