Friday, January 20, 2012

Our week in..

Iphone pictures. It's a shame I haven't touched my amazing $600 camera in weeks- just my iphone camera. Sad sad. I need to work on that! But for now, here are some randoms for the week

 Jasper working on floating at his swim lessons. This kid has NO fear- not sure if thats good or bad
 I'd kill for his eye lashes. Seriously. 
 Oh just sitting on the floor during Jasper's swim lesson- NOT fun and majorly hurt my back and vajajay- two diff. moms had all their crap draped across the two remaining chairs so me and a 65 yr old grandma were sitting on the floor. NOT cool people. I was so tempted to go over and throw this womans purse in pool and give the chair to the grandma
 stretch mark cream from mama mio that I'm ridiculously excited to try out
 25. 5 week belly bump! And dirty mirror. 
 Same but with shirt on!
 A little project I'm working on- and prettty excited about :) If it turns out as planned.
And lastly- the only way I ever drink milk- with Swedish Oboy powder. Best chocolate milk Ever. I seriously hate milk- but with this I can drink a glass a couple of times a week. Good for a growing baby!! 


  1. Such a cute bump!

    I TOTALLY would have moved their stuff... If I had been there we wouldve gotten in a swim lesson fight with those ladies :)

  2. I agree with the comment above...I seriously would have gone over to the chair and just sat right on top of all of their shit or something. HOW RUDE OF THEM!