Sunday, January 22, 2012

So the time has come to start thinking about nursery ideas and what to do. We live in a pretty small house- square footage wise it's plenty big for us, 1300-1400 square feet. Not big by any means, but after spending 7 months living in a 500 square foot apartment in Karlstad (Sweden) I've realized we definitely don't need a lot of space! 

Anyway so square footage wise this house is more than big enough, it has square footage where we would rather have it- spacious living room and large eat in kitchen. That said, we only have two 'real' bedrooms. Perfectly fine for now, one for us, one for Jasper, but, pretty soon we will have a new little addition that needs a place to sleep. 

For now the plan is to create a joint space for the two of them- this hopefully won't be a big issue because Jasper really only sleep in his room. And reads. Otherwise he has a spacious playroom where 90% of his toys are and that's where he plays if not in the living room, so fingers crossed this will work out! Also Jasper slept in our bedroom with us in a bassinet for the first 5-6 months, and the plan is for baby girl to sleep in with us for the first few months as well, so it will be a while before they share their sleeping space.

If the room sharing doesn't work out (like if they are constantly waking each other up) than we have some other options. The playroom downstairs could technically become a large bedroom- but for right now we don't want anyone on a different floor than us- but Jasper will be 5 in August- maybe I'll be more comfortable with it then.

Another option is in between the kitchen and living room there is an office area- but right now it doesn't have a door. If a door/wall could be put in that could be made into a super small bedroom.

I've been searching for some joint nursery ideas and also tiny bedrooms, here are some I'm LOVING.

This is a super tiny room but I love it! So simple. If the office was made into a nursery it would just be a bit wider than this room I think. 

Love how simple the above one is!
The walls on this one are dream- the colors all work so well together

I've been looking for some fun sheets but so far haven't found any I love. Just the plain pink or blue or white. Booring! Anyone know of a fun place to get crib sheets? Not the whole set as I won't be having a bumper. 


  1. Look for sheets on Etsy! They are also really easy to make!

  2. I absolutely love the aqua/teal color! So bright and warm!

  3. Hi - I just happened upon your cute blog tonight and smiled when I saw that last photo of my kiddos nursery :)...I made the floral sheet out of an old vintage one it was so easy and quick and cheap :) if that helps you on your hunt! Hope you have a great night!!