Monday, January 16, 2012

Breckenridge weekend

Friday night after Drew got off work we headed up to Breckenridge for the weekend. A good friend of mine's boyfriend's family (got all that) has a condo up there and invited us to come up for the weekend. Since it was Drews birthday on Wednesday and he's been wanting to get up to ski we figured it was the perfect time to go. 

We also decided it was the perfect time for Jasper to get on skis for the first time! As soon as I booked the lesson I started having major anxiety about letting my BABY go on skis down a mountain. But Drew reminded me over and over he would just be on a bunny hill, and with trained professionals who know exactly what they are doing. 

So 8:15 we left the condo (and when I say condo, I think of a tiny studio or 1 bedroom apt, but not this one! This is a 3 story, 3 bedroom 4 bath HOUSE pretty much- bigger than our house for sure!!) and walked across the street to the ski school. We had to leave him pretty much right away- they like to take the kids themselves to get fitted for their ski equipment and no were allowed in. Apparently it's easier for kids than having their parents hang around. 
There he is 3rd from the back in the green vest and red gloves

He was So excited to stay but it was still hard to leave him. I've never left him with strangers. Preschool doesn't count because I met every single teacher 3-4 times BEFORE leaving him, plus had gotten a full bio on everyone who would be working with him. Here is was just sign some papers and leave. 

After I left him at ski school we grabbed a quick coffee and bagel with our friends than the 3 of them headed off to ski and I headed back to the condo to figure out what I would be doing doing for the next 7 hrs (yes this was an ALL DAY LESSON!!!) 

After I got ready I headed out to walk around Breck. It's seriously the cutest town- looks like something out of a movie! I walked around, stopping in shops for the next couple of hrs. before finding a book store and decided I wanted to get a good book and spend the next few hrs being lazy with my book. So that's what I did! Sat in a coffee shop with my book. It was seriously bliss.

I also went back to the ski school twice to check in on Jasper- I happened to get their the first time right after they had gotten outside so I saw his first ride up the 'magic carpet' and down the hill! I made sure to stay hidden so he wouldn't see him- we spent a LOT of money on this lesson and I didn't want him getting upset seeing me and deciding he was done!

 Taking a little break ( on the right)
After 7 hrs on the slope he's still smiling
Drew checked on him 2-3 times when he skiied all the way down to where the ski school was also and between the two of us we got a bunch of videos of him.

When we picked him up at 3:30 I knew he was going to be exhausted. That's 2.5 hrs past his nap time- plus he woke up at 6 AM because he was so excited to be going skiing. As we were walking in to sign him out- one of the ski instructors yelled across the room 'this kid has a LOT of energy! I teach 30-40 kids a day and don't say that often!' this of course made us laugh. Everyone is always commenting on how much energy he has- but when someone that sees hundreds of different kids a week makes a point to say how much energy he has? Just really confirms it for us. 

He got a report card from his instructor (who was working with just him and 3 others, so nice small setting) saying he excelled at 5 out of the 6 things they worked on and just needed to work on one area then he would be ready for some greens! Craziness! We might have to get him up again this season :)

The rest of the day we spent hanging out at the condo, going on a night walk to pick up some amazing pizza, and then watching our  dear Bronco's get killed. Not a fun game- but still an amazing night! While I was reading my book while J took a late nap Drew headed out for a quick walk and surprised me with the fleece I had seen in one of the shops and liked! He's a keeper :) 

We headed home Sunday, taking it slow and stopping for breakfast and then to see the Buffalo on the side of the mountain. 

It was such a perfect little weekend getaway. It's rare that I have that much time to myself- and if I would have spent it here at home I would have been doing laundry or cleaning or something- but being up there I had nothing to do but enjoy the fresh mountain air and some time to myself. So refreshing!

Anyone else have an amazing weekend??

*If I figure out how to get a video from my iphone to here I will be uploading the cutest video of Jasper skiing for the first time :) 


  1. Awww, I'm so jealous! I love Breckenridge :) SO cool that he got to ski at such a young age. He'll be a pro in no time! Always wished I had learned young when I had no fear. Now I'm just a big lame scaredy cat who snow plows down the mountains :) Glad you could enjoy a weekend up in the mountains! It truly is wonderful!

  2. Oh my gosh! HOW FUN!! What a cutie pie he is!