Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Passed the 24 week mark!

That's a big deal people!! Or at least to me it is :) We are getting close to the third tri! In some ways this pregnancy feels like it is FLYING by. When I think that as of yesterday I only have 15 weeks left- I start to panic a little bit. 15 weeks? That's like NOTHING! And I'm counting on the last few weeks being pretty useless so I've given myself TEN WEEKS to get everything baby related done, that way we can enjoy our last few weeks as a family of three before our lives are forever changed. In a good way of course.

How far along: 24 weeks 2 days 
Size of Baby: egg plant, 9 inches long and 1.7 lbs!! 

Total Weight Gain:  Oh boy. Just got back from my appointment and I'm slightly in shock. I've gained 17-18 LBS!!! Yep. I'm slightly depressed about this- which is kind of ironic because it's the first time my doctor was pleased with my weight. She wants me to gain at least 35 because of my smaller frame but psshhh what do doctors know? Operation- stop eating 4 hot pockets a day and ice cream every night needs to start NOW. Today I was told (again) that I'm measuring a week ahead...but pretty sure that's not an excuse for almost a 10 lb weigh increase in a month

Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants and long shirts- a few maternity shirts as well. I have a VS gift card from Christmas that I need to use to go buy new underwear in a medium because this bootay isn't fitting in my xs and s anymore. shhh don't tell anyone but there are days I just got underwear free instead of squeezing into too small underwear! 
Gender: Girl! 

Movement:All. THe.Time. Especially at night- she's a little night owl! 
Sleep:The last few nights have been HORRIBLE. I'm slightly stuffed up, so I'm sure thats causing some of the problems, but I have to switch from side to side every 30 min or so because whichever side I lay on KILLS my hips so I have to keep giving my hips a break. And I have to wake up every time I switch hips so that causes a LOT of wake ups. Still not having to get up and pee though which is nice since I remember that being SUPER annoying last time around. I'm sure it's coming soon. 

What I miss: Sleep, all of my clothes fitting. Not having my skin feel like a teenage boy. PLUS so dry it's painful. Maybe I should try my fancy stretch mark creams on my face... 
Cravings:I just want to eat. All the time. Sweet things. Salty things. Chocolate. Cheese. Bread. I want it ALL. And all the time. Hmm should I REALLY be surprised about the weight gain.
Symptoms:Out of breath easily, pressure, hips and back ache, nasty skin
What I’m looking forward to: Possibly buying the bugaboo this weekend! 

Some recent BUMP pictures

**Yes, I've resorted to wearing leggings as pants. So sue me. It's comfortable and shirts that used to be long on me no longer are.

***The yellow sweater in the first pictures was my farmor's (father's mother) and I brought it back from Sweden in June. I love love it. 


  1. Your adorable! WAY TO GO Momma!

  2. I love love that yellow sweater on you!!! And ps, sometimes when I'm too lazy to get my laundry done, I go sans-underwear, too ;)

  3. Awesome pictures, I hear you on the growing out of everything including underwear - my butt has definitely grown :( (And not in a good way)